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édition / label:
ReR Megacorp / i dischi di angelica
titres des oeuvres:
Silvia Tarozzi
année de publication:
autres informations:
TAROZZI, SILVIA: Virgin Violin. Half the CD is taken up by Circle Process, the result of composer Pascal Criton and Silvia Tarozzi working in very close collaboration - and it’s pretty extraordinary. For a long time indeed, it’s not even obvious what it is you’re listening to. There’s a catalogue of extended techniques explored here, on a violin strung with four identical strings pitched a sixteenth tone apart. The production is extraordinary: minute in its detail. This really is a very exceptional piece worth the whole CD. Tracks 2-14 explore Pauline Olivieros’ Thirteen Changes: for Malcolm Goldstein - a collection of images that can be very widely interpreted by its performer. Silvia takes a radical approach, employing on a most tracks – with the help of Massimo Simonini - a variety of electronic manipulations, as well as stones, toys and field recordings, to great effect. The record closes with Eliane Radigue’s Occam II, a drone piece beautifully performed. But a drone piece Nicely packaged with composer and performer comment. Chris Catler
référence du CD:
ReR Megacorp IDA028